Themed months have been a hit! This next call is a two-for-one.

Games Y'all Call for Games

VR Games & Experiences
Do you have a VR game or not-exactly-a-game VR experience you’ve been itching to show off? We want to see it! Loaner headsets and other equipment available, tell us what you need when you submit.

School Themed Gamed
It’s back to school time, so send us your school themed games! Grade school, night school, driving school, liberal arts college, whatever - as long as it takes place at school or is somehow about school, we’re all about it.

Deadline Saturday 8/21. Notification by 8/27. Event date 9/22.

Rolling Deadline
Have a game that doesn’t match those themes? We still want to see it. We are specifically looking to uplift smaller teams, smaller games, projects that don’t quite fit the “games” mold, and folks from marginalized groups.

Submit here

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