Howdy, everyone!

We are excited to have just held our third monthly Games Y’all meet-up. Over these next two months, we are stoked to try something new and do a trial run of adding themes to some of our meet-ups.

Games Y'all Call for Games

With that in mind our upcoming themes are:

July - Party Games!
Think Sticky Cats, Samurai Gunn, Super Smash Brothers, or Mario Party. If you would play it at a slumber party we want you to submit it for July.

Deadline Saturday 7/2. Notification by 7/7. Event date 7/15 (details here)

August - Impact Games!
Think Celeste, Florence, Gris, or Chicory. If your game sheds light on an issue you find important or has a message that extends beyond the screen we want you to submit it for August.

Deadline Saturday 7/16. Notification by 7/28. Event date TBD.

Rolling Deadline
Have a game that doesn’t match those themes? We still want to see it. We are specifically looking to uplift smaller teams, smaller games, projects that don’t quite fit the “games” mold, and folks from marginalized groups.

Submit here

Questions? Email