Games Y'all

Hey everybody!

After a productive pause to gather community feedback, thoughtfully restructure, and revise our mission and vision, we are SO EXCITED to launch Games Y’all!

Games Y’all is a casual meetup hosted by Fantastic Arcade for indie devs, digital artists, and games fans held on the first Friday of every month. Come play games, hang out, meet friends, and learn how to share your work at future meetups.

Our Mission We celebrate, amplify, and support the unique and underrepresented within indie games and beyond.

Our Values Diversity - Uplift, support, and promote underrepresented voices and creations Curiosity - Foster collaboration, discovery, and knowledge sharing Play - Celebrate creativity, innovation, and experimentation Community - Nurture an inclusive, trusting, and supportive space

Mark your calendars for Games Y’all on April 1st at The Museum of Human Achievement and stay tuned for details. We can’t wait to play games together again!

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