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This year’s theme is Phony Island, in homage to Fantastic Arcade’s new home — Alamo Drafthouse’s boardwalk carnival-esque bar, the Barrel O Fun. The jam will be open to developers from around the world to submit their best 2-player microgame in the style of an almost-but-just-this-side-of-not-copyright-infringing carnival games. The two-week game jam will kick off Monday, October 30th at the Fantastic Arcade Gamemaking Frenzy site, with a submission deadline of Sunday, November 12th, at 11:59pm CST.

Just like past years, we’ll feed all these creations into our custom game launcher and then watch on November 17th as two contestants go head-to-head playing your games at Fantastic Arcade.

The Fantastic Arcade Gamemaking Frenzy lets people everywhere take part in the Arcade. In the weeks leading up to the event, game artists around the world jam on a theme, courtesy of our pals at

What is Starcade?

What is Starcade?

Besides being Fantastic Arcade’s small homage to a short lived game show of yesteryear, it’s the penultimate event of each Fantastic Arcade, a chance for two gladiators to test their skills in front of a live audience!